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Our Insights

Unprecedented competition is creating market confusion and change faster than the hospitality industry can adequately respond.  


Value, engaging experiences, cultivating loyalty and an agile, connected workforce is the foundation of the industry today.  

CCG Global Advisors understand that growth brings the need for strong leaders who are able to implement the sales experience from values to measurement. 

Keys to Success

We use a proven customized and collaborative process to ensure your company achieves revenue goals.   


Our method shifts the culture through clearly defined skill development plans for leaders and the sales team.


The team’s depth of knowledge and skills must transform towards establishing brand credibility by focusing on value of the brand promise, selling a distinct competitive edge with every interaction, achieving the growth objectives.

Our Services

Our goal is to give sales leaders and teams development skills which allow them to perform at a level which sets the pace for growth, competition, effectiveness, agility and communication.

Our offer: 

  • Customized programs

  • Leadership development

  • Sales team development

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Factor 360 Brand Implementation