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Lori Graninger-Champion is passionate about business growth. She is a highly regarded expert in people and process improvement. She possesses a deep understanding of organizational development, putting that understanding into practice working globally with individuals and organizations to yield astounding results.

Distinguishing Lori from other consultants in the market is her unique skill set and approach to instructional design, learning, and strategy/team facilitation. She specializes in successful customer acquisition and retention solutions -- implementing CCG’s “Extreme Customer Satisfaction” method.

Lori’s experience spans the hospitality and technology sectors. Having worked in diverse roles from leadership to sales to operations, Lori is able to collaborate with clients both strategically and tactically. Her extensive consulting experience has provided her the opportunity to partner with leaders across a variety of industries including luxury hospitality, cyber security, technology, pharmaceutical, commercial real estate, auto rental agencies, and law firms.

Lori is a native Virginian. She splits her time between Washington, D.C. and Houston, Texas.

Lori Graninger-Champion

Founder & Managing Partner

Miki Mitrovich

Partner & Chief Strategist

As Chief Strategist at CCG Global Advisors, Miki Mitrovich partners with clients to implement CCGA's “extreme customer satisfaction” method, enabling businesses to develop, adopt, and embrace a customer-driven culture centered around being the best that they can be. Miki firmly believes in aligning service delivery with leadership's desired outcomes. She drives results using the combination of skills development and coaching to optimize customer acquisition, reduce churn, and position service as a competitive advantage. 


Miki’s philosophy is simple: customer-centric clarity, alignment, and execution yield astounding results.   

Prior to co-founding CCG Global Advisors, Miki was an integral change agent within some of the most iconic hotels in the world. With more than 25 years of experience in the luxury hospitality sector, her roles have spanned leadership, sales, marketing, and operations. In recent years, Miki’s focus has been on developing and delivering customer acquisition and retention strategies yielding exponential growth. She inherently understands the direct correlation between customer experience and loyalty, retention, and recurring revenue.


In addition to the hospitality industry, Miki's experience spans sectors including cybersecurity, technology, law, commercial real estate, travel, and destination spas.

Miki splits her time between Carlsbad, CA, her native country Montenegro, and Belgrade, Serbia.